Breast Stroke, According to Rose…

Rose-Pitonof“To learn the breast stroke, lie comfortably in the water, so that feet are only a few inches below it and mouth just under the surface.  Place legs together straight out, arms extended in from, hands touching, fingers closed, and palms down.

In starting to swim, turn palms outward, thumbs down, and, keeping elbows stiff, push arms backward paralleled to the body.  Arms really form a big sweeping circle, starting in from and ending at the hips.  Shoot them forward again to starting position.  Draw legs up, knees out, and when the arms are pushed forward kick out straight, and as arms get to full reach snap the legs together.  A little practice before entering the water will show anyone just how it is done.”

– Text from back side of Pan Handle Scrap Tobacco Card, circa 1913

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