2013 Results

Congratulations to the 2013 Rose Pitonof Swim Swimmers!


(Alan did the swim 100% BREAST STROKE (like Rose…but with no modern “over-hand” stroke when the going got tough)…Willy had a great finish at 6hrs…and, thanks to Jaimie, the ladies are STILL #1!)

  • Jaimie Monahan: 5:31:18
  • Willy Blumentals: 6:00:00
  • Alan Morrison: 6:29:00 (Breast Stroke)

A few other points to note:

  • Like our Swimmers, Rose started against the current and hugged the Manhattan shore to make headway. (Unlike our Swimmers, she had to swim under piers 6 times to maintain forward motion!)
  • Rose occasionally switched to overhand stroke at the beginning of her Swim (before the Battery) and at the end (final mile) to buck the currents.  (Unlike Alan, who did Breast Stroke 100% of the time!)
  • Rose reached the Williamsburg Bridge almost 2 hours after her start. Our Swimmers got there in less than half that time.
  • Rose experienced her first push from an ebb tide 3 hours into her swim, right around the Brooklyn Bridge. For our Swimmers, the current was definitely in their favor at around 2 hours into their swim, at the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • Rose swam out toward Staten Island to catch the best current mid channel, as our Swimmers did.
  • As Rose turned into the final stretch of her Swim, the tide changed and she spent 1hr 40min swimming the final mile against the current. Our Swimmers experienced a fairly strong current in their favor right up to the pier.
  • Rose finished her Swim at 5:27 PM…almost identical to the time that our swimmers finished!  (Willy finished at 5:23 PM)
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