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Aug. 15, 2020: 10th Anniversary Rose Pitonof Swim

We are very excited to announce the date of the 10th Anniversary Rose Pitonof Swim!

Plans for a celebratory weekend of events (which may include a first ever Double Rose Swim!) are currently underway.

Please stay tuned as plans unfold, and please contact us to let us know if you would like to join in the fun.


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Congratulations to the 2019 Swimmers!

Saturday, August 10, 2019, 6:14 AM Start Time

  • Bennies 1: 4:09:59
  • Bennies 2: 4:22:42
  • Jaimie Monahan: 5:08:58
  • Molly Nance: 5:11:17
  • Jane Mason: 6:11:00
  • Ranie Pierce: 6:13:14

From setting a new course record, to another birthday win, to first times under the Verrazano (with a back stroke and a holler), it was a fabulous day on the water.

As a special surprise, we had the honor of seeing and holding one of Rose’s actual swimming trophies.  (Thank you, Jaimie!)  Such a great way to get in touch with the past, and be reminded of the spirit and power of the young girl that inspired this event.




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2019 Rose Pitonof Swim

Join us for the 2019 Rose Pitonof Swim on Saturday, August 10, 2019!

We will be starting at 6:15 AM at Stuyvesant Cove, Manhattan, with a Coney Island ETA between 11 AM and 1 PM.

Please Register to Swim or let us know that you wish to participate as a Volunteer.

Looking forward to seeing you soon for this year’s celebration of Rose’s historic achievement!


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Congratulations to our 2017 Rose Pitonof Swimmers!

Saturday, August 19, 2017, 7:36 AM Start Time

  • Bennies 1: 4:18:52
    • Andrew Smith (16)
    • Clayton Le Roux (17)
    • Bradley Petersen (15)
    • Kevin Yao (15)
    • Trent Graham (15)
    • Wian De Groot (17)
  • Bennies 2: 4:24:32
    • Tyron Grabe (15)
    • Matthew Taylor (14)
    • Connor Johnston (15)
    • Stefanos Marketsalis (14)
    • Enrico Giuricich (15)
    • Keagan Wood (16)
  • Abigail Fairman: 4:42:00
  • Austin Frazer: 4:44:00
  • Andrew Trout: 4:59:00
  • Jaimie Monahan:  5:02:00
  • Marty Munson: 5:24:09
  • Randy Hill: (DNF)

What a glorious day on the water!

So thrilled to welcome the relay swimmers from St. Benedict’s High School, South Africa.  (Young Gentlemen, each and every one!)  They quickly made themselves comfortable in the NYC waterways, and zoomed to Steeplechase Pier in record times.

(The age range for Bennies 1 and 2 is 14-17.  Love it that people Rose’s age and younger are embracing open water swimming!  Looking forward to many future relay teams, with a deep bow to “Lady Rose’s Riverters” for leading the way!)

Abigail Fairman led the individual swimmers with a time of 4:42 (matching Liz Fry: 4:43, 2015), coming closest to the record of 4:34 held by Simona Dwass and Shane Moraghan of all swimmers to date.

Austin Frazer joined us again this year, and shaved 9 minutes from his previous time.

Andrew Trout, from the Bay Area (go SERC!) finished in under 5 hours, and is ready for more open water adventures in his new home on the east coast.

Jaimie Monahan, six time Rose Swimmer and overall Rockstar, kept it steady near her course best with a 5 hours and 2 minutes finish.

Marty Munson finished in under 5:30, and learned a lot about herself as an athlete.

It is said that Rose subsisted on a sandwich and some coffee for her 8hr Swim.  Today it’s a nutrition strategy of half hour feedings for a 5hr Swim…

I am still impressed by how different, yet the same, today’s Swim is to Rose’s experience…

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2017 Rose Pitonof Swimmers

Only a week to go until the 7th annual Rose Pitonof Swim!

The 2017 Swimmers are:

  • Abigail Fairman
  • Austin Frazer
  • Randy Hill
  • Jaimie Monahan
  • Marty Munson
  • Andrew Trout

We are also very excited to welcome the relay swimmers from St. Benedict’s High School, South Africa:

  • Wian De Groot
  • Enrico Giuricich
  • Tyron Grabe
  • Trent Graham
  • Connor Johnston
  • Clayton Le Roux
  • Stefanos Markatselis
  • Bradley Petersen
  • Andrew Smith
  • Matthew Taylor
  • Keagan Wood
  • Kevin Yao

See you out there bright and early on Saturday, August 19th!


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Congratulations to the 2016 Rose Pitonof Swimmers

jaimie brooklyn bridge 2Saturday, August 13, 2016, 6:19 AM Start Time

Austin Frazer: 4:53:00
Jaimie Monahan: 5:01:00
Matt Gurry: 5:10:00
Kate Mason: 5:14:53
Julia Aston: 5:29:30
Martino Caretto: 5:39:45
Ellen Weinberg: 6:43

A VERY hot and humid day, but fortunately no storms.

Austin took the day with a sub 5 hour swim. Jaimie shaved over 25 minutes off of her previous best, and Matt nailed an impressive reprise of his 5:10 time.

Kate and Julia, two terrific marathon swimmers and overall impressive athletes from the UK, both came in at under 5:30.

Martino, an English Channel veteran, overcame cramps to finish in well under 6 hours.

Ellen dug deep and fought the current at the end (as Rose did) to successfully complete an epic Swim.

Overall, a great day on the water. Can’t imagine a better way to celebrate Rose’s achievement on the actual date of her swim 105 years after the fact.

This year Ed Periscoped the event for an international audience of hundreds. Follow “Dutchmazz” and check out recent broadcasts to see coverage of today’s Swim.  He also took pics which can be viewed here.

Angus captured the day in photos which can be found here.

I’m sure Rose is smiling.

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Here is to The Little Girl…

here is to the little girl

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Rose Pitonof Swim 2016 Roster

It’s happening this Saturday, August 13th. (The same date that Rose did her swim back in 1911!)

Here are the Swimmers:

Julia Aston
Martino Caretto
Austin Frazer
Matt Gurry
Kate Mason
Jaimie Monahan
Ellen Weinberg

It’s going to be a great one. Info about how to track Swimmers on event day coming soon.

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Congratulations to our 2015 Rose Pitonof Swimmers

Rose Pitonof

Saturday, August 15, 2015, 10:00 AM Start Time

  • Shane Moraghan: 4:34:10
  • Liz Fry: 4:43:00
  • Melissa Kretchmer: 5:02:00
  • Colum Lavelle: 5:08:58
  • Jim Chiudioni: 5:14:00
  • Lady Rose’s Riverters: 5:25:19
  • Marybeth Brown:  5:32:05
  • Jaimie Monahan: 5:36:00
  • Mo Siegel: 6:03:00
  • Stephanie Hopson: 6:29:00
  • Alan Morrison: 6:50:00 (Breast Stroke, DNF)

We had some serious chop and wind out there on event day…

That said, we still had some of the fastest times ever!

Our winner, Shane, ties Simona for the record.  (Simona: 4:34:02.  Shane: 4:34:10)

At 4:43:00, Liz sets a record as the second fastest finisher.

We also had our first ever relay team. All hail “Lady Rose’s Riverters” at 5:25:19!

Alan swam breast stroke like a champ, and put up a heroic battle against the current and crazy wind at the end.

We would love to hear your experience of the day!

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2015 Rose Pitonof Swimmers

rose accomplishments

The roster for the 2015 Rose Pitonof Swim is:

1. Marybeth Brown
2. Jim Chiudioni
3. Coney Island Mermaids (team name TBD)
– Leigh Behnke
– Lori Carena
– Cara McCateer
4. Elizabeth Fry
5. Stephanie Hopson
6. Melissa Kretchmer
7 Colum Lavelle
8. Jaimie Monahan
9. Shane Moraghan
10 Alan Morrison
11, Spencer Schneider

More info soon!

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