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Congratulations to our 2015 Rose Pitonof Swimmers

Rose Pitonof

Saturday, August 15, 2015, 10:00 AM Start Time

  • Shane Moraghan: 4:34:10
  • Liz Fry: 4:43:00
  • Melissa Kretchmer: 5:02:00
  • Colum Lavelle: 5:08:58
  • Jim Chiudioni: 5:14:00
  • Lady Rose’s Riverters: 5:25:19
  • Marybeth Brown:  5:32:05
  • Jaimie Monahan: 5:36:00
  • Mo Siegel: 6:03:00
  • Stephanie Hopson: 6:29:00
  • Alan Morrison: 6:50:00 (Breast Stroke, DNF)

We had some serious chop and wind out there on event day…

That said, we still had some of the fastest times ever!

Our winner, Shane, ties Simona for the record.  (Simona: 4:34:02.  Shane: 4:34:10)

At 4:43:00, Liz sets a record as the second fastest finisher.

We also had our first ever relay team. All hail “Lady Rose’s Riverters” at 5:25:19!

Alan swam breast stroke like a champ, and put up a heroic battle against the current and crazy wind at the end.

We would love to hear your experience of the day!

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2015 Rose Pitonof Swimmers

rose accomplishments

The roster for the 2015 Rose Pitonof Swim is:

1. Marybeth Brown
2. Jim Chiudioni
3. Coney Island Mermaids (team name TBD)
– Leigh Behnke
– Lori Carena
– Cara McCateer
4. Elizabeth Fry
5. Stephanie Hopson
6. Melissa Kretchmer
7 Colum Lavelle
8. Jaimie Monahan
9. Shane Moraghan
10 Alan Morrison
11, Spencer Schneider

More info soon!

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Congratulations to our 2014 Rose Pitonof Swimmers!

Left to Right: Kathy Yaeger, Simona Dwass, Kenn Lichtenwalter, Kathryn Mason

Left to Right: Kathy Yaeger, Simona Dwass, Kenn Lichtenwalter, Kathryn Mason

Simona Dwass, same age as Rose, smashes the time record and keeps the women #1 with a superfast finish. Kathy and Kenn, neck and neck, also break the time record under a supermoon. Kathryn amazes all by completing the entire course butterfly stroke, in high style.

  • Simona Dwass: 4:34:02
  • Kathy Jaeger: 4:58:00
  • Kenn Lichtenwalter: 5:03:00
  • Kathryn Mason: 5:41:30 (Butterfly Stroke)

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Rose Pitonof Honored by the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame

imshof shotOn October 12, 2013, at a ceremony in Cork, Ireland, Rose Pitonof was inducted into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.  Accepting the award on Rose’s behalf is Deanne Draeger, shown in this photo with Dale Petranech (left) and Ned Denison (right).

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2013 Yearbook

swimmers at startSwimmers at start, and many other fab shots from the talented (and knowledgeable) Ed Dutchmazz.

jaimie vz bJaimie at VZ Bridge from Captain Tony Tarabocchia

Alan approachSome great photos from “Princess Polar Bear” Capri, including Alan approaching Coney Island.

trioGreat pics of the day, including the finish, from Mario Berger…love the color!

And, also from Mario, a favorite pic of the day:


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2013 Results

Congratulations to the 2013 Rose Pitonof Swim Swimmers!


(Alan did the swim 100% BREAST STROKE (like Rose…but with no modern “over-hand” stroke when the going got tough)…Willy had a great finish at 6hrs…and, thanks to Jaimie, the ladies are STILL #1!)

  • Jaimie Monahan: 5:31:18
  • Willy Blumentals: 6:00:00
  • Alan Morrison: 6:29:00 (Breast Stroke)

A few other points to note:

  • Like our Swimmers, Rose started against the current and hugged the Manhattan shore to make headway. (Unlike our Swimmers, she had to swim under piers 6 times to maintain forward motion!)
  • Rose occasionally switched to overhand stroke at the beginning of her Swim (before the Battery) and at the end (final mile) to buck the currents.  (Unlike Alan, who did Breast Stroke 100% of the time!)
  • Rose reached the Williamsburg Bridge almost 2 hours after her start. Our Swimmers got there in less than half that time.
  • Rose experienced her first push from an ebb tide 3 hours into her swim, right around the Brooklyn Bridge. For our Swimmers, the current was definitely in their favor at around 2 hours into their swim, at the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • Rose swam out toward Staten Island to catch the best current mid channel, as our Swimmers did.
  • As Rose turned into the final stretch of her Swim, the tide changed and she spent 1hr 40min swimming the final mile against the current. Our Swimmers experienced a fairly strong current in their favor right up to the pier.
  • Rose finished her Swim at 5:27 PM…almost identical to the time that our swimmers finished!  (Willy finished at 5:23 PM)

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Breast Stroke, According to Rose…

Rose-Pitonof“To learn the breast stroke, lie comfortably in the water, so that feet are only a few inches below it and mouth just under the surface.  Place legs together straight out, arms extended in from, hands touching, fingers closed, and palms down.

In starting to swim, turn palms outward, thumbs down, and, keeping elbows stiff, push arms backward paralleled to the body.  Arms really form a big sweeping circle, starting in from and ending at the hips.  Shoot them forward again to starting position.  Draw legs up, knees out, and when the arms are pushed forward kick out straight, and as arms get to full reach snap the legs together.  A little practice before entering the water will show anyone just how it is done.”

– Text from back side of Pan Handle Scrap Tobacco Card, circa 1913

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Fourth Annual Rose Pitonof Swim: August 10, 2013

Join us on August 10th 2013 for the fourth annual Rose Pitonof Swim!

Swimmer Registration and Volunteer Sign Up are now open.

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Abby’s Swim

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2012 Rose Pitonof Swim Results

Congratulations to our 2012 Rose Pitonof Swimmers!

(Even faster times than last year…and the ladies are still #1!)

  • Elke Hofmann: 5:06:00
  • Kevin Joubert: 5:09:00
  • Matt Gurry: 5:10:48
  • Patrick Spearing: 5:19:33
  • Abigail Long: 5:25:30
  • Jaimie Monahan: 5:27:42
  • Paul Rekoff: 5:29:00
  • Franco Prezioso: 5:33:36

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